George M. Thurber, M.D.

Dr. Thurber left a promising career as a chemical engineer to fulfill a boyhood dream of being a phy

Kathryn N. Latch, O.D.

Areas of expertise: Primary eye care, contact lens including Synergeyes Hybrid Lenses, pediatric v

Blake J. Matherne, M.D.

Dr. Matherne earned his Bachelor of Science at Southeastern Louisiana University and his Doctor of M

What If You Could See Today Better Than You Ever Have Before In Your Life?

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Welcome to the Center for Eye Care.

Are you confused by all of the different options in eye care? Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly conflicting information you see and hear in all of the advertising? Do you know you want to see better, but are afraid you might make the wrong decision regarding your precious eyesight?

In an age when technology is changing the face of medical care and especially eye care almost overnight, we are privileged to keep you updated and informed of the latest developments that can affect you. We know that it is imperative that you have all of the information you need to make decisions regarding your own eye care, especially when those decisions can change your life.

Let us help you sort through the information and misinformation that surrounds your options by following these links:

What is Laser vision correction, (LASIK)?

What are 10 questions I need to ask my LASIK surgeon?

What can I expect? (Frequently Asked Questions)

We serve laser vision correction, cataract and multi focal implant, and general eye care patients in southern Mississippi. We are proud to offer state-of-the-art procedures and technologies to correct your vision with the utmost safety and precision.

We understand that you are unique and your needs and desires are not exactly like anyone else’s so we offer a wide array of eye care options.

Would you like to be less dependent on glasses or contact lenses? Many people have heard of laser vision correction, or LASIK by now, or know someone who has had LASIK. What are the questions you need to ask your doctor? Yourself? What can you expect? If you are considering laser vision correction please read the 10 questions to ask your LASIK surgeon and what makes us different from other practices. And you don’t have to take our word for it: See what many of our patients have to say about us and the procedure. These reports will help you make an informed decision concerning your precious vision.

All of our surgeons are board certified and serve patients from as far away as India, Greece, Brazil, and Britain. To learn more, read about our surgeons by clicking on their pictures on the side of this page, and discover why so many patients placed their complete trust in our doctors and staff.



George M Thurber, M.D.