Dear Dr. Thurber,

It only took two of your patients to convince me that I needed to schedule an appointment and take the first step. Any fears and apprehensions were resolved quickly as I learned about the technology and skill that you would be using to correct my nearsightedness. After 30 years of wearing glasses all the time, I was ready for a change.

During my first visit, your staff did an excellent job of explaining the procedure in detail, while taking numerous measurements. I remember being told that the calculations would be confirmed 11 times to make sure that the final procedure was totally accurate. Step by step, every action was described as well as the recovery period after the surgery.

The bottom line is this: I am totally satisfied with the results. With 20/15 vision, I am able do see clearly except for reading.It is so nice to be able to drive, watch television, work, ride my bike, wash the car, exercise, and function without the need to wear glasses. Never again will I be dependent on glasses to see the world around me.

Thanks again to you, Shelley, and the rest of the staff, for the professional, skilled way that you handled my lasik surgery.


David Gross