“On August 31, shortly before going under the laser to correct my vision, I had 20/50 vision in my right eye and 20/400 vision in my left.

On October 21, my surgeon, Dr. George Thurber, of Biloxi, MS, tested me again.

The test took place in between rounds of my most recent seminar in Tampa. It was Day 4 of five-straight days of teaching. I had only gotten 3-4 hours of sleep per night from the day the event began. So you’d think my vision might be a little off.

And I guess it was. But that’s only if you think 20/15 in the right eye and 20/25 in the left is a bit off.

Ask me my opinion, though – and I’ll tell you how awesome it is to be able to read without glasses; how great it feels to see BOTH sides of the room, all the way to the back, when I speak; and how thrillng it is to know what my doctor told me upon examination.

“Matt, if you’re not seeing it – NOBODY is.”


For most of my life I’ve had a lazy eye and it wasn’t getting any better with age.

Yes, I thought about natural methods of improving my eyesight – but the fact of the matter is that I already have enough to do each day and I was tired of having poor vision. I was tired of not being able to read for long periods of time – of not being able to read the fine print – as well as the NOT-so-fine print. I was tired of having to move to a different room with better lighting in order to read something.

I wanted a change NOW – and I was willing to risk what I had in order to get it – but NOT until I found someone who was “the best” – as well as someone I liked and trusted.

The idea of having Lasik surgery is frightening, no doubt. No one wants his eyes operated on. But when I met Dr. Thurber and talked to him about it, my thinking changed. I relaxed and trusted that everything would be okay. Most certainly, when I heard that he has done 5000 surgeries without a single person losing a single line of vision, I was ready to move forward.

Instead of having the surgery done locally, I flew to Biloxi and stayed in a hotel for 3 days. I was treated first-class all the way. And when I flew home on September 1 – I was already a changed man.

I can’t thank Dr. Thurber enough. And I’m passing the word to any and ALL who are thinking about getting Lasik done. You might not want to take a flight and visit someone out of your area to have the procedure done – but for ME, it was the way to go.

I took the flight because I believe in working with those whom I can wholeheartedly trust.

When it comes to my eyes, trust is of utmost importance – and I hope it is for you, too. Dr. Thurber earned my trust not only because of his track record – but because of his kind, warm and friendly demeanor. He’s a down-to-earth man, and he’s my kind of guy.

I am profoundly grateful to him. I get nothing for telling you this – other than the satisfaction that somene else will come to know the miracle of Lasik, too.”

- Matt Furey, Tampa, FL